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Student Announcements

Musical Expressions is proud to share news and accomplishments and achievments of our students. If your student or teacher has won or placed in a competition and you would like us to include it on this page, please email details to musicalexpressions@gmail.com.

2013- 2014 Student Achievements 

MCMTA Judged Recital 

High Honors:  Sophie Kader, Dennis Erickson, Ayano Yamanouchi, Serena Lander, Andria Dai,
Lena Schmitt, Harrison Benford 
HM:  Ella Zheng, Klara Boger

MSMTA Solo Festival

1st Place:  Andrea Dai 
2nd Place:  Serena Lander, Sophie Kader
3rd Place: Clarissa Xia, Dennis Erickson, Ayano Yamanouchi, Lena Schmitt

MSMTA Piano Ensemble Festival 

3rd Place:  Klara Boger/Lena Schmitt 

MSMTA Gottlieb Competition 

1st Place:  Serena Lander
HM:  Lena Schmitt, Dennis Erickson 

WMTA Judged Recital 

High Honor:  Sophie Kader, Dennis Erickson 

WMTA Hartman Competition 

1st Place:  Matthew Litman 
2nd Place:  Serena Lander, Lena Schmitt
3rd Place: Ella Zheng
HM: Sophie Kader 



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